Step 4: Add additional information

Project Branding

In this step, you're required to add as many details as possible to help users and investors find your project.

Please note: project Logo URL & a website link are mandatory additions.

  • First you have to paste the link of your token logo, if you do not have a url for your token logo, you can use the following website, or any other image uploading service, then upload your token logo there, and copy the image url, and paste it in the moonsale platform.

  • Then enter your website's domain. If you have a trailer, promo, or explainer video, paste the URL in the YouTube video section. If you also have a guide or whitepaper, paste the link in the Github section.

If your project has an announcement channel, telegram, or discord group chat, you can paste the link in either or both the telegram and discord sections. For any other social media platform, such as Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, you can paste each link in its own section. In the description you should include the following key elements: Purpose: Clearly state the purpose of the token and what it represents. This could be a utility token, security token, or any other type of token.

  • Functionality: Explain the functions that the token serves within the context of the project or platform it represents. For example, it could be used for voting, access to certain services, or as a currency.

  • Issuance: Provide details about the issuance of the token, such as the total supply, how it is distributed, and any relevant restrictions or conditions for obtaining the token.

  • Token economics: Explain the token economics, such as the token's value proposition, how it is expected to appreciate or depreciate in value, and any related incentives or rewards.

  • Legal considerations: Discuss any legal considerations related to the token and its use, such as compliance with regulations and any potential liabilities.

  • Roadmap: Outline the project's development roadmap and any upcoming milestones or events.

  • Team: Highlight the key members of the team behind the project, including their backgrounds and experience.

  • Technology: Provide an overview of the technology behind the token, including the blockchain it is built on and any relevant protocols.

  • Use cases: Describe the potential use cases for the token and how it can be utilized by users within the ecosystem.

The key note should be concise and easy to understand, while providing enough detail for potential investors or users to make informed decisions. Once the project information is filled in, you can press on the 'next' button.

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