Step 3: Setting up the presale

Conversion Rate

Following token creation and verification, you're required to set up the presale. To do this, you're required to set several parameters including how many tokens your investors will get for every 1 BNB invested.

In the example below, we're setting this to 100 tokens for each BNB spent. Note, "Listing Rate" means the price at which the token will be listed on the DEX per BNB. In our example, this is also 100.

Please note: this number should be set lower than the presale rate. The platform does not allow a listing rate higher than the presale rate.


In this step, you can set up whitelisting. To do this, you need to enter the wallet addresses you wish to whitelist e.g. permit to take part in your token presale.

PreSale Details

In this step, you are required to enter the presale details:

  • Softcap: the minimum amount of funds the project team is satisfied to set as its minimum fundraising. This must be at least 50% of the hardcap.

  • Hardcap: the maximum amount of funds the project team collects during the fundraising event.

  • Minimum buy: the minimum amount per user allowed to participate in the presale.

  • Maximum buy: the maximum amount per user allowed to participate in the presale.

  • Liquidity(%): the percentage of the total raised amount that will be added as liquidity once listed. This is required to be more than 52%.

  • Liquidity lockup (days): the number of days the liquidity pool is locked up for before withdrawal is allowed. This must be at least 30 days.

Select time

Next, select the start and end times for your presale.

Please note: The time shown on the platform is set in UTC.

After choosing the dates for your presale event, click 'next'.

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